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Waedi Gysi: LINKS

Duo Infiammabile (Irene Schmidlin/Waedi Gysi)
My lovely lady Irene at the accordion and me!
Wädi bei MX3
Waedi Gysi at MySpace
The web is our community!
Waedi's lovely Body Coach!
Der Hausmann
The man who knows how to polish a bathroom!
Amy Denio
The nightingale from Seattle with Italian roots!
Mia Schultz

Wunderbar Klarinettistin!!!

Hans Reichel 10. Mai 1949 - 22. Novermber 2011

The most crazy homepage of the world!!!!

Michael Morris
The voice of Switzerland and T & O!
Patent Ochsner
The Band of big hearted Büne Huber alias J.J. Bronfmann!
Les Reines Prochaines
My Favorite Girl Group
Dr. Ummer
The drummer of Tonight & Only
Susan Harper
This lady swings and moves her tailbone!
Bluebox Film
Clip of the dance video 'Barrakuda' (Directed by Stefanie Klemm; Music by Waedi Gysi).
T & O at MySpace
web, web, web!

Grosse Künstlerin!